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Polyethylene Fittings

Everything You Need to Know About Polyethylene Fittings

fittings have many advantages, which is why they are widely and frequently used by gas and water industry professionals

Here are some of the features that have made this type of fitting so popular across various industries

 Polyethylene fittings are not only extremely strong and durable, but also economical, making them popular among a wide array of professionals in gas and water industries and agriculture

These fittings are used in plumbing, natural gas distribution systems, urban water and wastewater facilities, industries, offshore facilities, mining facilities, electrical grids, telecommunication networks, facilities installed above or under the ground, submerged or floating facilities, etc

These fittings are more durable than all the other alternatives and show extraordinary resistance to various temperatures and climates

They do not leak as they are strengthened by welding
They are not corroded by the environment or damaged by animals, making them the most popular type of fitting among professionals, contractors, and employers

Welded Polyethylene Fittings

Welded fittings are fitted by electrofusion welding. For more information, read Everything You Need to Know About Electrofusion Welding

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Screw Polyethylene Fittings

Screw fittings are fitted by nuts and bolts, instead of electrofusion welding, to increase strength and prevent leaking. While screw fittings are used in a variety of projects, they are not as popular as their welded counterparts

Water Supply Polyethylene Fittings

As the name suggests, water supply polyethylene fittings are used in water transmission pipelines. Water and Wastewater Company of Iran is one of the companies that use this type of fitting in their projects

Drip Polyethylene Fittings

Drip fittings are widely used for agricultural purposes. They are, as the name suggests, mainly used in drip irrigation systems

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