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  • Karamabad Plain Project 4,3,2,1,5 and 8
  • pardise Petrochemical Project
  • Amin Pharmaceutical Fire System Project
  • Tak Makaroon Fire System Project
  • Bushehr desalination system project by Noor Co. Special project of North Zahab plain
  • Project of transmission and distribution of water to Nimroz plain
  • Azgheh Plain Project and Jirghan
  • Piranshahr Project
  • Tropical Design Projects
  • homeh Plain Project and Qaraviz
  • Shahin Qaleh plain project
  • Jafir Plain Project by Jahad Nasr Hamza Company
  • Agh Chai Water Supply Project
  • Dewrige Water Supply Project
  • Meyme - Dehloran Water Supply Project
  • Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Project
  • Abadan Petrochemical Project
  • Urban wastewater treatment plant project
  • Water supply project of Rafat rural complexes
  • Turkmenistan Water Supply Projects (export)
  • Mahshahr Sewage Pumping Station Project
  • Water supply projects of Azerbaijan (export)
  • Oman Water Supply (Export) Projects
  • Afghan Water Supply (Export) Projects
  • Egyptian Water Supply Projects (Exports)
  • Egyptian Water Supply Projects (Exports)
  • Georgian Water Supply Projects
  • Iraqi Water Supply (Export) Projects
  • Kani Copper Water Supply Project
  • Fifth Line Project, Hormozgan Steel, Martyr Kharrazi Iritiq
  • Phase 12 of South Pars I, Kason Dillim Company
  • Fath Ali Plain Project, Sudjan
  • Omid-Qeshm Water and Electricity Project
  • Hormozgan Water Supply Projects
  • Mahshahr Sewage Pumping Station Project
  • Project to increase production of Gul Gohar Pellet Humateate Plant
  • Kerman Coal Project - Kerman Copper Industries
  • Kerman Jihad Agricultural Pipeline and Water Supply Project
  • Khavaran Settlement Project - Qeshm Water & Electricity
  • Jalalabad Industrial Agricultural Cooperative Production Project
  • Campus Agricultural Multipurpose Cooperative Project
  • Shahid Babaei - Defense Industries Hot Water and Cold Transfer Project
  • Seoul Company Project
  • Iran Atomic Energy Company - Isfahan Water Supply Project
  • Khomeini Fire Fighting System Project
  • Iran-Kerman Industrial Town Water Supply Line Project
  • Fath Abad Subway Project
  • Project to build part of the Iraqi Raniyah water line
  • Project to build part of Babylon water main
  • Taheri Port - Gorgan Water Distribution Network Project
  • Metro Resalat - Sabalan Project
  • Surface Water Collection Project of Tabriz Tractor Factory
  • Dundee - Zanjan Water Supply Project
  • Novin Ventilation Company Water Supply Project - Wreckage Site
  • Ardebil Cement Factory Fire Project
  • Project to build part of Yazd power plant pipeline
  • Natanz Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Tabas Coal Power Plant Water Supply Project
  • Fajr Gonbad Water Supply Project
  • Construction of part of Mahdis town water supply line
  • The Sea of ​​Art Project - Hemmat and Modarres Highway
  • Construction of part of Ahvaz Omidieh water line project
  • Diba Energy Sina Water Supply Project
  • Fan Niroo desalination plant construction project
  • Gohar Gohar Cyclone Bottom Recycling Project
  • Seven Flowers Petrochemical Project of Khuzestan Province
  • Bushehr olefin petrochemical project
  • Flexor Sanat Polycolam Supplement Project
  • Kaveh methanol site project
  • Project of Green Witness Agro-industry Co.
  • Kyson Flower Shop Project
  • Pardis Petrochemical Petrochemical Division Phase III Project
  • Big Luo Land Project
  • Abbas Plain Irrigation Project
  • God dam dam project 1 to 6
  • Lavan Petrochemical desalination plant project of Farazab Co.
  • Gardian and Golfer Dam Project
  • Assaluyeh District Desalination Unit Plumbing Project
  • Ardakan Pellet Project - Iron Ore
  • Design and construction of pressure irrigation sub-networks and equipping and renovatingcisterns
  • Assaluyeh District Desalination Unit Plumbing Project
  • DUSCHARGE Pump Separation Route Pump 11 Line No. 4 Polycom Concentration Unit


Electrofusion Elbow 90°

Injection Cross 90˚


Flat Face Flanged Elbow 90°

Electrofusion Elbow 90°

Electrofusion Reducer

Flat Face Flanged Reduced Tee 90˚

Flat Face Flanged Equal Tee 90˚

Flat Face Flanged Cap

Electrofusion Welding Machine


Electrofusion Cap