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Takab Ettesal Company” is a manufacturer of injection polyethylene fittings (Butt FusionFlanged JointFabricated and Electrofusion Fittings) for water and gas services, in accordance with standard ISO4427, EN12201/1555 and INSO 14427.

This company was established on 1994 in Tehran-Iran with capacity around 1200MT/Year.

Takab Ettesal Company will be able to produce a wide range of fittings in a same time due to having 15 lines which are made up in German.


This Company  in order to its objective to produce electrofusion welding machine make a partnership agreement with HÜRNER Schweißtechnik GmbH which has more than 35 year experience in design and manufacturing electrofusion welding machine to will produce welding machine with tittle of Takab Ettesal under license of HÜRNER Schweißtechnik GmbH in Iran.

High quality products and customer satisfaction as our main target was achieved due to:

– Improve technical knowledge.

– Cooperate with technical universities and institutes.

– Cooperate with laboratories.

The company put its management base on:

– Improve Business to target countries

– Improve Performance constantly

– Decrease cost of polyethylene fittings production

– Development produce Electrofusion fittings